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ROCKS: Swarovski Design Biannual
Spring/Summer 2009

Edited and produced by Violette Editions
and published in 2009 by Swarovski
Corporate Communications

Designed and art directed by See Studio
118 pages, plus a 16-page pull-out poster/
insert by Nicholas Kirkwood
27.5 x 20.8 cm
ISSN: 1758-3691

This bespoke publication for Swarovski's creative office in London focuses on the deeply forged kinships with both established and new talent in contemporary design, those who push the boundaries of concept, and who use Swarovski crystals in fashion, art, jewellery and costume.


Highlights 08/09: News features from the worlds of fashion
and Swarovski
The Real and the Virtual: Viktor & Rolf's black hole stones and their digital salon for S/S 2009. Photographed by Claire Robertson Natural Dis-tinction, Un-Natural Selection: Alexander McQueen's take on nature and civilisation for S/S 2009. Photography by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones
Transatlantic Contrasts: Rocks' fashion editor Indigo Clarke interviews Swarovski's collaborators during New York fashion
week, in contrast with highlights from London. Photographed by Claire Robertson
Stripes, Stakes and Twists: Atelier Swarovski collection S/S 2009 photographed by Andy Beetles
Hypnerotosphere: Gallerist and writer Libby Sellers on Nigel Coates's multi-disciplinary installation at the 11th Venice Biennale for Architecture. Photographed by Greg White
Liquid Space: Mark Rappolt, editor of Art Review, on the poetry and technology of Ross Lovegrove's environment at Swarovski Crystal Palace, Design Miami. Photographed by Ken Hayden

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