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Prenez Soin de Vous Sophie Calle
Prenez Soin de Vous (Take Care of Yourself):
Sophie Calle
Robert Violette (ed.)
Big SHOW spring summer 2007
Robert Violette (ed.) 2007
Big SHOW autumn winter 2006
Robert Violette (ed.) 2006
U2 Show:
The Art of Touring
Diana Scrimgeour
Robert Violette (ed.)
Blade of Light The Story of the Millennium Bridge Deyan Sudjic
Blade of Light:
The Story of the Millennium Bridge
Deyan Sudjic
Robert Violette (ed.)
Kosovo Fergus Greer
Kosovo :
Fergus Greer
Introduction by
General Sir Mike Jackson
Gilbert George A Portrait
Gilbert & George:
A Portrait
Daniel Farson
Robert Violette (ed.)
The Rudimentary Pictures Gilbert George
The Rudimentary Pictures:
Gilbert & George
David Sylvester,
Michael Bracewell
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